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Laser & Light Technology

Acne Laser Treatments in Westchester

Laser treatment for acne in Westchester is the gold standard. Our state-of-the-art, medical lasers are ideal for treating mild, moderate or severe acne on both the face and body. Every person is unique, and we fully customize our treatment approach to best meet your skin type’s needs.

Acne lasers aren’t just for the face. The cool touch laser and blue light technology treatment can also be used on the neck, chest, back or body-wherever your skin is problematic.

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Blue Light Technology at Skin Center Westchester:

Blue Light actually destroys the bacteria in acne.

Get to the source of your skin problems with Blue Light Technology! An effective treatment for those with moderate acne problems, the Blue Light actually destroys the bacteria in acne, which prevents oil from being secreted from the skin, the cause of pimples. Can be paired with other therapies like prescription medication and our skin care lines for a more aggressive but safe treatment program. Come in for a treatment on your lunch break and be set to go back to work!