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Countdown to 2017 & Beyond!

New Year, New You

The holidays are a time of warm gatherings, fun parties and a lot of photos. We all want to look our best for the social events here now. If you thought it was too late to put your best face forward this holiday season, you might be surprised. The right time for minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments… Continue Reading »

It’s Mom’s Turn

Westchester Skin Rejuvenation for Moms

Now It’s Mommy’s Turn September’s here. The sand toys have been packed away, school supplies and new sneakers purchased, and at long, long last, the kids have gone back to class for another year. Do you know what that means? It’s Mommy time. Get ready to step into the spotlight and make your self-care job… Continue Reading »

Research Shows

Get the Look You've Been Wishing for with Westchester Cosmetic Surger

Research Shows: Looking Good is the Key to Feeling Great “The evidence is pretty strong that people who improve their appearance tend to feel better about themselves,” says David Sarwer, a Penn associate professor of psychology in psychiatry and surgery and one of the nation’s leading experts on physical appearance. His work centers on the… Continue Reading »