5 Skincare & Cosmetic Treatments Trending in 2021

5 Skincare & Cosmetic Treatments Trending in 2021

Jan '21

Here at Westchester’s Best SkinCenter, we pride ourselves on staying in-the-know when it comes to what’s trending in skincare and cosmetic treatments. Because we love and value our Westchester clients, we’re passing this knowledge on to you with the top five skincare trends for this year. Keep reading to find out what’s trending in 2021!

“Maskne” Treatment

Prolonged periods of wearing masks as a result of the ongoing pandemic has many of our Westchester clients seeking treatment for skin irritation and breakouts. If you are currently experiencing adult acne or related skin concerns, book a consultation at SkinCenter to discuss the best “maskne” treatment approach for your needs.

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Retinol Radiancy

With so many benefits, it’s no secret that retinol is a must-have agent for your skincare arsenal in 2021 (and every year thereafter). This all-encompassing skin ingredient treats everything from wrinkles, to acne, to uneven skin tone. This year, be on the lookout for retinol in gentler forms, as products will become available that contain plant-based alternatives intended to counteract some of the potentially irritating effects of retinol.

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Steady as She Goes

Turns out “too much of a good thing” is true— especially when it comes to skincare and cosmetic treatments. One 2021 skincare trend we love is the idea of stretching out smaller skincare treatments and cosmetic procedures over prolonged periods of time, rather than booking one appointment filled with appearance-altering procedures. Consider spreading out your treatments over the course of the year, making tiny tweaks and minor adjustments as you go. Doing this gracefully allows for more natural looking results that can be attuned to your ideal outcome overtime.

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Liquid Facelifts

The latest – and perhaps most revolutionary – skin rejuvenating concept is that of the liquid facelift. A liquid facelift combines Botox, fillers, and other noninvasive procedures to achieve the same results a traditional facelift does. However, a liquid facelift is not permanent, and enables you to pick and choose treatments types and areas for customized treatment result based on your individual concerns and desires.

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DIY Chemical Peels (Read Disclaimer Below)

At-home chemical peels are seemingly on the rise for 2021, and though we can’t keep our clients from attempting this risky DIY treatment, we can do our best to ensure you remain adequately informed. It’s important to note that many “at-home” treatments and peel products sold online or in stores are not always what they seem. Many DIY chemical peels can result in skin burning, scarring and other harmful effects. Therefore, we urge you to meet with a physician or aesthetic nurse specialist to ensure the safety of your skin before, during, and after a chemical peel treatment. Schedule an appointment at our conveniently located Westchester office to receive a chemical peel treatment from a highly trained licensed Aesthetician today.

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