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Acne Treatments

How SkinCenter Can Help

Covering your blemishes with makeup is only a temporary solution

While many Americans have the misconception that acne stops after puberty, it can be a persistent or periodic life-long issue for a great deal of men and women. Covering your blemishes with makeup and using over the counter treatments only provides a temporary solution and can often exacerbate the problem. But now, thanks to advanced skin care treatments like light technology and the acne laser available in our Westchester center, you can finally have clear, blemish-free skin!

SkinCenter provides you with exceptional, long-lasting results, making your face smooth, brighter and acne-free in a safe and effective way. Our licensed staff of doctors and clinicians can help you get the skin you’ve always desired, making you feel proud to show your new gorgeous complexion to the world. SkinCenter offers a variety of treatments personally tailored to your skin type, including:

Our state-of-the-art, medical lasers are ideal for treating mild, moderate or severe acne. Our treatments are completely customizable to your skin type.