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Makeover Simulation: There's an App for That!

The Makeover Simulation App

There’s an app for just about everything and medical aesthetics is beginning to move into this arena. Though still in their infancy, applications are being developed and some are already in use for pre-viewing how you may look with a facial rejuvenation treatment.

Mirror Mirror

The ultimate before and after, such technology may eventually put the ability to view projected results of various treatments into patient’s hands using their own images. Want to see what Juvederm can do for your laugh lines? You can check it out on your mobile device. Just use Allergan’s Juvederm treatment visualizer to upload your photo and get a preview. Software companies that have provided virtual makeovers for cosmetics and hair styling are venturing into medical aesthetics by applying the technology to skin analysis and facial visualization. Thinking about lip augmentation? Use an app like Ideal You or Modiface, which allow you to drag and resize/reshape parts of your face and visualize changes to it. GetBeauty is a social media site that allows you to upload photos, get a “virtual makeover” and even advice or a consultation. Really?

Some believe that soon it will be commonplace to have a real-time, online consult to discuss beauty treatment options and costs with a skin care professional before booking an appointment. These applications have their limitations. Some function more like airbrushing a photo rather than actually showing how facial features would be enhanced with the addition of a rejuvenating product or treatment. Nevertheless, such tools may open the door to the future of aesthetics.

Endless Possibilities

Such technology will soon get there and become mainstream. In the meantime, exploring solutions for cosmetic concerns in this way can be fun but there’s no substitute for a live consultation with an expert! And at some point, treatment will need to be administered by a trained, experienced aesthetic professional like the Medical Doctors and Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists at SkinCenter. Trust your cosmetic consultation to a SkinCenter and Advanced Plastic Surgery physician who will meet you and discuss facial rejuvenation options and outcomes, tailored to you, in-person! And help show you how you can look and feel more beautiful than ever.

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