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Westchester Cosmetic Surgery: Facelift

They say our face tells the story of our life – share the beauty of yours!

At our Westchester cosmetic surgery center, our team of experienced surgeons is well-versed on matters of the face. We understand that your face is the first part of you that people see and one of the first places where aging begins to take its toll. Restore your youthful appearance as well as your confidence with a Westchester cosmetic surgery facelift.

What Issues Does a Facelift Address?

A facelift is an operation designed to counteract the effects of aging and gravity. The skin starts losing its elasticity and begins to sag as early as the mid-thirties in many people, continuing to sag and lose elasticity as the aging process continues. The effects of gravity, sun exposure and stress all contribute to this problem. Creases form in the forehead and mid-face region, smile lines deepen and jowls become more prominent. The skin around the neck sags and fat may deposit in the neck and beneath the chin.

A facelift in essence pushes back the clock, improving the most prominent signs of aging by removing excess skin and tightening muscles below the skin. Fat is removed if necessary. A facelift can be done alone or in conjunction with other procedures such as eyelid surgery, nasal surgery, forehead lift or even liposuction. The SMAS facelift is a technique using smaller incisions compared to a normal facelift, with a shorter recovery time.

Westchester Plastic Surgery: What Are My Options

The Freedom Lift

Choose Westchester Freedom Lift when you want dramatic results with minimum downtime! This advanced plastic surgery procedure is truly remarkable. Regain your youthful appearance. The results are immediate and stunning. Enjoy a natural, revitalized look – and you never have to go under general anesthesia. The procedure is performed with just a local anesthetic. You’re awake and calm throughout. Skip the downtime of more invasive procedures, experience only a minimum of swelling and discomfort, all at an affordable price. You get back in the swing of things quicker with a great, new look. You’ll be amazed.

Traditional Facelifts

Choose the traditional facelift procedure to eliminate the effects of aging and gravity. Our skin loses elasticity with time – sometimes as little as thirty years! A facelift removes sagging skin and fat to reveal your true beauty: younger, fresher, and more energetic looking. Look as great as you feel!

Other Procedures

Enjoy vibrant, healthy skin and a more flawless appearance. Our OR team of plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses  in Westchester NY also perform eyelid surgery and brow lifts. Other available procedures include laser resurfacing and skin revision, used to address blemishes, reduce the appearance of imperfections, and help balance skin texture and tone.

What Can I Expect from my Westchester Cosmetic Surgery Facelift?

A facelift can make you look younger and fresher. A facelift also enhances your self-confidence. Patients should have reasonable expectations prior to undergoing a facelift and realize that while they will look younger, fresher and more rested, the clock can’t be turned back indefinitely. A facelift does not stop the aging process.

Schedule your consultation at our Westchester cosmetic surgery center to learn more about your facelift options.

All services are available in our Westchester cosmetic surgery and skin care center. For complete details, including such specific issues as expected benefits, duration of recovery and expected discomforts, please call us at 914.949.6200 for more information or contact us online for a Free Cosmetic Consultation.