The Answer to Your Skincare Prayers: QWO is the Cellulite Solution

The Answer to Your Skincare Prayers: QWO is the Cellulite Solution

Apr '22

Certain cosmetic bothers seem impossible to tackle. No matter the beauty secrets spilled in magazines, the holistic tips and tricks, or the hours spent training and dieting, it can feel like a losing battle when you don’t see results. One of the most prevalent nuisances pops up in beauty conversations across the board: cellulite. Since it became a talked-about topic, cellulite has proven to be the kind of dimple no one wants around. No matter your age, weight, or level of physical fitness, no one can escape these unsightly lumps. Luckily, a new injectable treatment has blessed the beauty industry: QWO. FDA-approved QWO, is a nonsurgical procedure that remedies the appearance of cellulite in three sessions. We’ll dive into how cellulite surfaces, why it is so difficult to eliminate, and how QWO can replace invasive surgery to deliver results.

Cellulite on a Cellular Level: What is the Stuff?

Though cellulite is harmless (and completely normal!) most of us agree it isn’t our favorite part of our body. Our team at SkinCenter empowers women to celebrate the skin they’re in, while offering services that make you feel comfortable and confident. Many of our clients come to us complaining about cellulite and its stubbornness. The lumpy look of cellulite comes from connective cords that tie the skin to the muscle, with the fat wedged between. When fat cells pile up, they protrude into the skin and the cords tug down, creating the look of dimples.

No one can entirely escape cellulite, as even the most in-shape people are able to see its appearance if even on a minute level. Tons of variables play a role in the way the skin condition presents itself and is more predominant in women than men. Hormones, genes, weight, muscle tone, and older age can all amplify the appearance of cellulite as well. Beauty professionals everywhere have rejoiced in the innovation that is QWO; the new procedure that gives aestheticians the ability to treat their patients for cellulite, sans surgery.

Questions About QWO? We Have Answers

You might be like a lot of clients we have who are interested in cosmetic procedures: you want a new look without going under the knife. As the skincare and beauty industry has evolved, new and exciting treatment options have continued to present themselves.

QWO isn’t too good to be true. The injectable treatment works, it just isn’t an overnight fix. Glamour Magazine interviewed a doctor and a patient to see if this beauty procedure was more than skin deep. The injectable contains a protein called collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes (we like QWO better) that works to bust up the fibrous bands responsible for cellulite. The tiny needle used to insert the protein into the problem area attacks the culprit from the inside out and actually builds up collagen in the process.

Med aesthetics practitioner, Dr. Schwarzburg, broke down how QWO compares to its surgical counterparts, saying: “While there are some other treatments on the market that target the fibrous septae…they do involve surgical intervention, which is invasive and imprecise, requires downtime, and is an overall painful experience…QWO is the only injectable treatment that targets fibrous septae. Because a [tiny] needle can be used, it is nearly painless and does not require any anesthesia or downtime. One QWO session will take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish, while others require anesthesia and take anywhere from 40 to 100 minutes per session.”

Seeing is Believing: Treat your Cellulite And Smooth at SkinCenter

You don’t need to take our word for it, instead come try out QWO for yourself during the month of April for our Cheeky Savings Special. Spoil yourself this spring with 30% off QWO (a package of three sessions)* If you’re still not sure about this nonsurgical superhero of skincare, schedule a free consultation with our team to hear more. We’re confident that this is the cosmetic procedure you’ve been fantasizing about, and we can’t wait to make your new booty dreams come true.

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