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Do You Need a New Nose? The Facts About Rhinoplasty

Black and White Photo of 2 Women with their Hands Over Their Eyes

SkinCenter is known for providing the best plastic surgery in Westchester County. Our team of skilled cosmetic surgeons, expert anesthesiologists, and highly trained, experienced operating room nurses provide all procedures here in our on-site certified operating room. It’s the ultimate in comfort and discretion. With that in mind, it’s time to talk about one of… Continue Reading »

Westchester’s Top 5 Summer Skin Concerns & How to Treat Them

Woman in Bikini on Beach after Skincare Treatments

Summer’s here! You want to look and feel great, but some of the most popular skin care treatments, including laser treatments, aren’t recommended when you’re going to be out enjoying the sunshine. Luckily, there are safe, effective alternatives available for the five most common summer skincare concerns. Here’s what can be done for: Dull, Tired-Looking… Continue Reading »

4 Things You’ll Want to Know Before Your First Westchester Aesthetic Treatment

Beautiful Woman Post Aesthetic Treatment

Are you thinking about Botox? Maybe your complexion is feeling a bit rough and you’d prefer it to be silky smooth. It could be that you’d like to have fuller lips, or that you’d like to look younger and more energetic. Whatever your reason is for considering cosmetic treatment in Westchester, there are 4 things… Continue Reading »

Discover Westchester County’s Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures: The Top 5

In-Shape Woman Post Plastic Surgery

New Beauty reports on beauty treatment trends, and they’ve recently identified the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Their reporting certainly echoes what we’ve seen here in Westchester County: people are increasingly comfortable taking advantage of minimally and non-invasive treatments to achieve their desired appearance. Body contouring and plastic surgery aren’t just for celebrities anymore. Today,… Continue Reading »

The New Facial Menu: 6 Spectacular Skin Care Choices for Spring

Woman receiving a Facial at a Medical Spa

Great news for Westchester County: Spring is finally here! To celebrate, SkinCenter is debuting our new Facial Menu, which features 6 superior skin care experiences. Enjoy the glow of a happy, healthy complexion. Throughout the month of May, you save 20% on any facial – choose your favorite from the menu or try something new!… Continue Reading »

Bye Bye Baby Weight: Tummy Tucks & Mommy Makeovers

Woman Measuring Waist After Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy really changes a woman’s body. After the baby is born, it can be very frustrating to find that no matter how dedicated you are to exercise and healthy eating, you’re still self-conscious about how your tummy looks. If you’ve had more than one baby, the issue can be even more noticeable. Now new research… Continue Reading »

Faux-Tox: Is Your Botox Real?

Close Up of Botox Treatment on Forehead

Botox is a very popular beauty treatment because it’s so effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. People really enjoy looking and feeling great, so demand for Botox nationwide is huge. The market’s large enough, in fact, that there are many companies producing counterfeit Botox. The FDA, which is tasked with keeping… Continue Reading »

The Quest for Better Breasts: Plastic Surgery in Westchester County

plastic surgery in westchester county

SkinCenter has a highly qualified, exceptionally experienced team of plastic surgeons on staff. That means we’re the place people in Westchester come when they have questions about breast augmentation, breast reduction, and other plastic surgery related to the breasts. Over the years, we’ve learned that many of our clients have been exposed to mistaken or… Continue Reading »