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Acne Treatments

You’re so much more than just a pretty face.

Don’t let body acne stop you from enjoying whole body beauty. Body acne causes more than embarrassment and self-confidence issues. It’s often painful – and we all know you can’t look great if you don’t feel great!

Makeup isn’t the answer.

While many women can get away with using makeup to cover facial pimples, acne on the back, neck, and chest is often more difficult to completely conceal. Exciting advances in skin care, including acne laser and blue light technology, mean that you can finally have clear, blemish-free skin all over your body!

Skin Center’s team of experts, dedicated physicians and specially trained clinicians can help you have the smooth, radiant skin you deserve. Say goodbye to the persistent pimples that over the counter soaps just can’t fix. The results are dramatic. You’ll feel new levels of confidence. Wear what you want to wear – not what will cover your acne! Are you ready to show your new gorgeous complexion to the world?

Skin Center offers a variety of treatments personally tailored to your skin-type, including:


Get the Skin You Deserve:

You shouldn’t have to hide your beauty! Aren’t you tired of trying to find clothing to cover your back, chest or neck? Are you self-conscious at the beach? Don’t let acne on your body deter you from buying that swim suit or dress with an exposed back or low neck-line. There is a safe, effective treatment available. Whether you have a few stubborn pimples or severe acne, the Westchester acne laser treatments and therapies will make your complexion radiant and free of blemishes all over your body.

Acne Lasers are a safe, virtually painless way to stop pimples.

Acne Lasers are a safe, virtually painless way to stop pimples at the source. Acne lasers have other benefits, including improving the texture, tone and clarity of the skin. These lasers have been clinically proven to provide remarkable and effective results for a wide variety of skin tones.

Lasers are powerful treatment tools, and should only be used by trained and licensed medical professionals. That’s why at Skin Center in Westchester, all acne laser treatments and therapies are performed and supervised by a physician. Our doctors are on site and everyone involved in your care is a licensed clinical professional. That’s the Skin Center difference. Get the skin that you deserve! To learn more about acne lasers and therapies, click here.