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Summer Skin Care Tips for Recent Grads & College Students 

Attention Class of 2019!

Your first summer as a high school graduate is hereand that means it’s time to have some serious fun. Gearing up for the good times means making sure you have everything you need to protect your skin and keep your complexion looking great.  For those of you who have already experienced a few years of college fun, you’ll appreciate these tips too. They can help counter the cumulative effects of all the dining hall food you’ve been eating and stressful studying you’ve been doing! Keep reading to learn more about skin care for young adults… 

It’s Time to Treat Your Skin Well

Great complexions don’t just happen. Your skin needs care to look and feel great. That means taking steps to clean and nourish your skin that go above and beyond what you can do at home. A great example of spectacular skincare is microdermabrasion—it’s a powerful anti-aging treatment that really works.  

This super popular exfoliating treatment removes tired skin cells that dull the complexion— leaving your pores open and receptive to the active ingredients in moisturizing products. You only need one or two microdermabrasion sessions over the course of the summer to keep your complexion looking great. Schedule your microdermabrasion treatment with us today! 

Better Products = Better Skin

Leveling up your skin care routine means taking a serious look at the products you use to protect your skin from the sun. Yes, you may have a big bottle of SPF 50 lotion you use when you hit the beach – but what are you doing on an everyday basis? At your age, it’s important to start building the foundation for healthy skincare habits that will last a lifetime. The logical next step is to choose skin care products that have SPF protection built in. 

Our team of trained clinicians, cosmetic nurses and licensed aestheticians will help you choose spectacular products that offer the perfect level of SPF protection while simultaneously nourishing and enriching your skin. These botanical formulas help you stave off sun damage –  which is very important if your summer plans involve the outdoors. 

Stop Sun Damage in its Tracks

Too much time in the sun can lead to sun damage, which includes discolored patches of skin, uneven skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Sun damage becomes worse over time, so if you see even the beginning signs now, it’s time to start treating it.  

SkinCenter provides our clients with highly individualized care. One of our experienced skincare expertwill meet with you to go over your treatment options. Sun damage can be treated in a number of ways, such as using Botox or another injectable filler, or IPL therapy

Schedule your confidential consultation today to find out what’s right for you!

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