2013 Transformation

2013 Transformation

Jan '14

Beautiful Inside and Out: We Check In with the Westchester Health & Life Makeover Winner

SkinCenter is proud to be the aesthetic medical sponsor of Westchester Health & Life Magazine’s makeover contest. Our pleasure at participating in this event was increased when we met the winner, Roseann LoParrino, a delightful active Mom who works full time.

Prize #1: Treating Sun Damaged Skin

Like many Moms, Roseann just wasn’t making time for herself. Her days are full of professional obligation and family time. She makes a point of having lots of fun in the sun with her kids – great for their health & well-being, tough on the skin.

“Like all sun worshippers, time spent in the sun has taken its toll and resulted in sun damage,” said Joseph J. Sozio, M.D. That damage included sun spots, brown spots, and uneven skin tone. Dr. Sozio treated these using light technology that diminishes these signs of sun exposure. The result is a newly clear complexion and restored healthy skin.

Roseann also has rosacea, a condition characterized by redness of the face resulting from dilation of and damage to superficial blood vessels. Rosacea tends to worsen with time and sun, which means Roseann needed help! Laser treatments were the solution, minimizing the signs and manifestations of rosacea.

Roseann can still enjoy time in the sun but will need to be vigilant about wearing sunscreen to help maintain her fantastic results. As part of our services, we help educate our patients about what it takes to keep their skin clear and healthy. We did just that with Roseann, identifying the skin care products – many of which are exclusively available at our Westchester Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Center – that will best help protect Roseann’s skin and maintain results.

Prize #2: Say Goodbye to Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Like many young mothers, Roseann was concerned about some fine lines and facial wrinkles. Dr. Sozio administered Westchester Botox treatment to Roseann’s forehead, between the brows, the ‘crow’s feet’ around her eyes as well as her chin. He also treated Roseann with Juvederm, a filler used to smooth out deeper creases and folds on either side of her mouth, sometimes referred to as smile lines. “These no downtime procedures result in natural-looking improvements. Roseann still looks like Roseann but with smooth, relaxed skin, and a more youthful complexion,” notes Dr Sozio.

Prize #3: Rejuvenate and Refresh the Complexion

As the final portion of the Westchester Life & Health Magazine Makeover Prize Pack, the SkinCenter team gave Roseann a series of microdermabrasion and chemical peels. These skin rejuvenation treatments remove the tired, outermost layer of skin cells and brighten the complexion for a fresh look. Perfect for an event or special occasion, Roseann was now ready for her big reveal with the completion with these last “pick-me-up” skin care treatments.

“Roseann is a wonderful person inside and out,” Doctor Sozio says. “Now her rejuvenated look matches her energetic, positive personality. SkinCenter has been delighted to provide Roseann with a transformation experience and accompany her on her journey!”

Look Good, Feel Great: Make 2014 the Year of Transformation

Winning a contest is wonderful, but you don’t want to depend on Lady Luck to make sure you look good and feel great. Treat yourself well, and you’ll be amazed at the change in your self-confidence. The New Year offers the perfect opportunity to transform yourself inside and out. Schedule a free, confidential consultation with our Westchester cosmetic surgery and skin treatment experts today to see how SkinCenter can help you achieve your desired results. Our full suite of beauty treatments will rejuvenate your complexion and restore your youthful appearance. Why wait? You deserve every happiness today.

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