Restylane Refyne

Restylane Refyne

Live, Laugh, Love – Confidently Beautiful!

Laughter is one of life’s finest pleasures. But the lines and wrinkles around our mouths that become more pronounced when we laugh aren’t so great. Nobody wants to stop laughing! That’s why Restylane Refyne was developed. Restylane Refyne helps support your skin while you keep looking like you.

On even the most ordinary day, you may experience a wide range of emotions. You smile when you see a friend; you frown when you hear bad news; you pucker up to give your sweetie a kiss. The people in your life can see how you’re feeling from your facial expression. Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne are the only fillers on the market that have been clinically proven to help maintain movement and expression.

Make Every Expression Worth It: Restylane Refyne for Your Smile

Restylane Refyne is a hyaluronic acid dermal gel filler with a flexible formulation that helps correct moderate lines around the mouth. Used for both nasolabial folds – these are the lines that run from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth – and marionette lines – the lines that run from the corner of your mouth toward your chin – Restylane Refyne provides beautiful results and maintains full natural expression.

Use Restylane Refyne for:

  • Correcting mild to moderate facial wrinkles and folds
  • Filling nasolabial folds and marionette lines
  • Creating fuller, smoother lips

97% Satisfaction Rate: Discover What People Just Like You Think of Restylane Refyne

One month after being treated with Restylane Refyne, a group of patients between the ages of 35 and 65 were asked what they thought about the experience and results. When asked if they were satisfied with their ability to express their emotions naturally 97% said they were. 97% also said they’d choose Restylane Refyne again, and 95% said they’d tell their friends to try Restylane Refyne for themselves*.

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