3 Top Dermal Fillers for a Youthful Mouth

3 Top Dermal Fillers for a Youthful Mouth

Sep '23

In the 21st century, while the legendary ‘elixir of youth’ remains a dream, advanced dermal fillers are bringing us tantalizingly close to realizing youthful radiance. Meet Refyne, Defyne, and Belotero — three popular injectables for smile lines and perioral lines.

Restylane to the Rescue

Two of the most popular treatments for laugh lines are Restylane Refyne and Defyne. These hyaluronic acid injectables are effective at softening nasolabial folds and marionette lines that appear as part of the aging process.

Unlike some dermal fillers, Refyne and Defyne feature XpresHAn Technology, which preserves your face’s full range of emotions so you can laugh, cry, frown, and express every emotion in between while looking natural.

Though both fillers address the same target areas, each one is designed for a specified severity of fine lines. At SkinCenter, we recommend Refyne for mild-to-moderate smile lines and Defyne for moderate-to-severe lines.

Boost Your Confidence with Belotero

Restylane isn’t the only option for bringing about a more youthful mouth. Belotero is a fantastic treatment for banishing perioral lines (sometimes referred to as smoker’s lines). Another variety of hyaluronic acid-based fillers, Belotero works by restoring volume to the delicate skin around your mouth. The result is visibly firmer skin that flexes with your smiles for a natural look.

A bonus of Belotero is that it’s also a effective remedy for alleviating neck lines. You can discuss this perk in further detail when we create your customized treatment plan at SkinCenter during your complimentary consultation.

A Terrific Trio

Refyne, Defyne, and Belotero are three go-to fillers for reversing the aging process around the mouth. Fearlessly flash a smile again without worrying about exacerbating wrinkles when you add these injectables to your skin care regimen, under the guidance of our providers at Westchester’s best SkinCenter. We’ll create a tailored plan to address your unique smile lines so you can achieve the facial transformation you have in mind. Contact us to book your consultation!

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