4 Things You’ll Want to Know Before Your First Westchester Aesthetic Treatment

4 Things You’ll Want to Know Before Your First Westchester Aesthetic Treatment

Jun '18

Are you thinking about Botox? Maybe your complexion is feeling a bit rough and you’d prefer it to be silky smooth. It could be that you’d like to have fuller lips, or that you’d like to look younger and more energetic. Whatever your reason is for considering cosmetic treatment in Westchester, there are 4 things you’ll want to know before you book your first consultation:

1) You Need – and Deserve! – Highly Qualified Professionals Providing Your Treatment

Today’s most popular and effective aesthetic treatments use powerful technology, including lasers, injectable fillers, and more. You want to be absolutely sure that the people who are using this technology when you’re the one sitting in the treatment chair are experienced, qualified professionals.

At SkinCenter, all our treatments are administered by licensed professionals. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and require all our clinicians to be qualified at a level at or above what New York law requires. That’s not the case in many spas and even medical spas in the Westchester area – a scary thought when you consider the training and precision needed to administer many aesthetic treatments safely.

Here’s what we do. Even if you choose to get your cosmetic treatments elsewhere, we’d advise you to look for this level of qualification for your care. It’s in your own best interest!

2) Arrive Educated, But Willing to Learn

You are the expert on your aesthetic goals. You have lived your entire life with your appearance, and you know what you’d like to change. Come to your consultation prepared to discuss the treatment areas you’re interested in and the results you’d like to see. Many times, our patients find it helpful to bring notes with them to their consultation to make sure they discuss everything they wanted to.

It’s also helpful to familiarize yourself with some of the treatment options for your concern areas. Don’t get your heart set on any one treatment option before your consultation: there may be better options available that you don’t know about yet. At SkinCenter, every single patient gets a personalized treatment plan that’s individually designed to help them meet their aesthetic goals. During this process, ask questions: the more you understand about the procedure and what you can expect it to do, the happier you will be with the outcome.

3) Get Answers Before Making Your Decisions

You never have to rush into a cosmetic procedure. In the 12+ years we’ve been providing Advanced Medical Aesthetics in Westchester county, we’ve found that the patients who take the time to fully understand what they can expect have the most satisfying treatment experiences. Here are some of the questions we hear often:

4) Consultations at SkinCenter are Complimentary!

Everyone has questions before their first aesthetic experience. That’s why we always conduct a complimentary consultation before any treatment. During your consultation, you’ll discuss your beauty goals, go over your options, and determine the best route for you. Consultations can be scheduled at your convenience and all take place in our comfortable, discreet spa-like setting.

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