A Truly Dangerous “DIY”: At-Home Injectables

A Truly Dangerous “DIY”: At-Home Injectables

May '20

You’ve heard it said that “beauty is pain”—but here at SkinCenter, it is less so.

The purpose of this blog post is to address the bad and the ugly of one very specific at-home DIY “beauty” treatment. Our hope is to prevent our beloved Westchester clients from trying an at-home cosmetic treatment with potentially irreversible consequences. Keep reading to learn more…

When It Comes to DIY At-Home Injectables… Just Don’t

Despite the FDA making a formal statement that warned of the dangers of purchasing dermal fillers over the internet for at-home treatment, online buyers continue ordering unregulated injectables. Purchasers have these potentially fake, harmful and contaminated products shipped to their homes—where they then perform “treatment” at their own discretion, following the direction of YouTubers.

We cannot stress enough the importance of the following statement from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE):

 Only a licensed doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse, or other medical professional is permitted to administer cosmetic injectables.”

Source: https://www.facialesthetics.org/patient-info/facial-esthetics/botox-training-dermal-filler-training/

There’s a reason why the law requires that injectables like Botox and fillers be administered by qualified professionals with medical degrees. The facial anatomy is extremely intricate—just one wrong poke with a syringe leaves the “treatment” recipient vulnerable to tissue death, permanent blindness, disfigurement, or worse…

Rules of Thumb to Live by for DIY Beauty

Ladies and gentlemen— if at-home treatment involves the purchase of syringes, needles, or skin puncturing tools— it’s gone too far.

If DIY beauty causes a level of pain or discomfort you wouldn’t otherwise tolerate from your doctor’s office or medical spa— it’s gone too far.

Better to err on the side of caution and spend a few extra dollars on professional medical treatment, than to end up paying the major costs of surgery to undo a dangerous “DIY”. The SkinCenter team of physicians and cosmetic nurse specialists are very  knowledgeable, properly trained and highly experienced—and we provide no-obligation consultations at zero cost to you. From a common sense perspective, there is no better and safer option.

Please, feel free to reach out and schedule your consultation with us today.

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