Ancient Beauty Secrets

Ancient Beauty Secrets

Apr '17

Beauty and anti-aging rituals have existed for thousands of years and the quest certainly continues. Some customs have remained or evolved over time and their origins might surprise you.

Then and Now

The jade roller is an ancient Chinese device still used today in some cultures. The jade stone is rolled across the skin and is thought to allow for better blood circulation, help the body’s healing mechanisms and to de-puff and decrease wrinkles. Sugaring, a hair removal technique was invented by the early Egyptians in which a sugar paste was applied to the skin removing unwanted hair when peeled off. This natural method is still in use. The ancient Greeks went to great lengths to remain youthful and beautiful. One of their secrets for bright, smooth, younger-looking skin was to use honey and lemon for their lightening properties and olive oil for hydration in cosmetic and anti-aging preparations. These ingredients are still found in many skin care products of today. Some bizarre routines have been abandoned, thankfully, such as the ancient practices of using crocodile dung and donkey’s milk in facial and body treatments!

Luckily there are more sophisticated options available to us today for our aesthetic journeys! At SkinCenter, the DermaL Pen treatment, an advanced collagen induction therapy, is applied to the skin to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms and natural collagen production providing outstanding results. It is effective for a variety of skin and texture issues, acne scars, stretch marks and more. Laser hair removal is the most effective and long-lasting method to remove unwanted facial and body hair. Results with IPL light technology are stunning for skin brightening and fading brown spots, sun damage, rosacea, even reducing the risk of degenerative changes to the skin. The ancients would be astounded by today’s injectable treatments, like fillers and neuromodulators such as Dysport and Botox, to maintain a refreshed and youthful appearance.

We’ve Come A Long Way Baby

The struggle is real and has been going on for centuries. It is fascinating to learn about the methods people of the past devised to achieve an attractive appearance using the only tools they had, their environment. Many of today’s cosmetic treatments were inspired by these rituals of the past but it’s good to know that we have modern technology and can consult the cosmetic experts for noticeable and reliable results! Perhaps a thousand years from now, a future civilization will study our culture and chuckle when they discover the “state-of-the-art” aesthetic practices of our time!

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