Back to School Beauty: The End of Summer Skin Rejuvenation Secrets You Need To Know

Sep '15

We all know that kids are concerned about looking their best for back to school season – but what about Mom and Dad? Summer is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work for parents. In between making sure the kids have a good break, taking care of our regular responsibilities, and occasionally trying to have a little fun ourselves, we can get worn out.

The combination of this stress with summer time sun is tough on the skin: looking in the mirror, you may see that new fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage or age spots have appeared on your face. It’s not uncommon for skin to look tired, with a duller tone and texture than you’re normally accustomed to.

Luckily, these end of summer beauty concerns are easily addressed. Here are three Westchester skin rejuvenation secrets you can use to ensure you greet fall with a fresh, radiant complexion:

Facials: Facials are fully customized beauty treatments for the face, which cleanse and nourish the skin. It’s a gentle, relaxing experience to have a facial – many of our clients tell us it’s the most peaceful experience of their week! – and simply taking the time out for this kind of self-care can lower your stress levels. After a facial, your skin looks and feels radiant. Facials are a great choice to rejuvenate the complexion.

Microdermabrasion: Combining invigoratingly effective exfoliating crystals with gentle suction, microdermabrasion refreshes the complexion. Exhausted skin cells are cleared away, leaving you with a radiant, fresh face. The beauty treatment of choice for both sun damage, and acne, and fine lines, microdermabrasion makes it easy and enjoyable to look your best.

Peels: An effective way to successfully address more significant sun damage, age spots, acne, fine lines and other common end of summer beauty concerns, peels leave your skin with a polished, glowing tone that’s soft to the touch. There are many kinds of peels, including Jessner’s, Glycolic (AHA), Salicylic (BHA) and TCA. Your clinician will work with you on an individual basis to determine which type is right for you.

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