Defining Beauty

Defining Beauty

Aug '14

What Defines Beauty?

People really want to know what it means to be considered beautiful. If you do a survey, you’ll discover that there’s some traits that are commonly considered attractive. These include high cheekbones, wide open eyes, a small nose, full lips and a minimal amount of lines, wrinkles, or skin blemishes – but of course, there are many, many people who are widely held to be beautiful who don’t have one or more of these traits.

For a deeper understanding, you want to take a step back and look at beauty from a wider perspective. These factors have a more profound and universal impact on whether or not someone is seen as beautiful:

Healthy Skin

A smooth, clear complexion with a healthy tone and texture is an essential element of beauty. Our skin changes as we age: in adolescence and young adulthood, acne and blemishes are top concerns, while sun damage, volume loss and fine lines and wrinkles become more pressing concerns later on.

Maintaining a healthy complexion means addressing issues as they arise and taking precautions to keep damage from occurring. Microdermabrasion, peels and facials are a great way to put a fresh glow on good skin; laser skin treatments and Westchester skin rejuvenation treatments for the face, neck and hands help you reclaim your natural beauty.


When we talk about symmetry, we’re really talking about whether the face is well-balanced. The cheekbones are key here. Volume loss in the cheekbone area results in an appearance of sagging, hollow cheeks, which creates the impression of advanced age and tiredness. To combat this, our physicians and Cosmetic Nurses use a combination of popular Westchester fillers, including Sculptra, Voluma, or Radiesse. These treatments work with the body’s natural mechanisms to restore volume and symmetry to the face, making you look younger and more energetic.


Beautiful people laugh, cry, smile, frown, and express a whole range of emotions through their facial gestures. From the subtly raised eyebrow to the ear-to-ear grin, the way we move our faces connects us with the world and conveys our thoughts. At SkinCenter, our goal with treatments such as Botox and Dysport or as Fillers like Restylane and Juvederm is to minimize wrinkles while providing a natural look. You’ll be able to express yourself and you’ll look more youthful and refreshed.


Youthfulness is all about looking great for your age. Our clients who are in their mid-forties, for example, don’t come to us hoping to leave looking like a teenager. Instead, they want to be a great looking forty-year old. The factors that are involved here really focus on the condition and texture of the skin: do you have a smooth complexion with a firm, taut texture? If the answer to that question isn’t yes, our team will work with you to find the right combination of skin care services to freshen your appearance and restore your youthful look.

A Note About Cultural Differences

Beautiful people come from every region of the planet. There’s no one-size-fits-all universal standard of beauty; we’re not all meant to look the same.

At our Westchester Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center, we’ve found that the men and women who come to us with their beauty concerns have absolutely no interest in erasing the features of their appearance that identify their membership in a cultural community. Instead, they want to enhance their own natural beauty, highlighting and emphasizing the unique features that make them who they are.

From Vienna to Vietnam, Bar Harbor to Baja, everyone wants to look their best. The SkinCenter mission is to make that happen. Call us now to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

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