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About Us

Revealing Your True Beauty

To be born again, in the revelation of beauty

Life is a journey of transformation and evolution. SkinCenter exists to help women and men of all ages reveal their true beauty. Looking great leads to feeling great, and that provides the boost of confidence and esteem so critical to navigating life’s challenges. Revealing your inner beauty can be the most joyous of transformations.

Change Without High Cost

We believe that every woman (and man!) has the right to take advantage of the stunning advances in rejuvenating your body and revitalizing your skin and face. Today, cosmetic procedures are more affordable than you might think. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to have a more youthful appearance. There are a wide range of solutions for every beauty challenge – and beauty budget! You can enjoy the very best skin care, body sculpting. cosmetic dentistry and laser hair removal in Westchester without having to pay insanely high prices.

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The Best Physicians: Dedicated Experts

SkinCenter is a dedicated practice, meaning we perform cosmetic procedures exclusively.

For this reason, we’ve recruited a team of dedicated physicians who are experts in their field. Each one of these skilled professionals are well versed in the amazing developments being made in the field of cosmetic procedures every day.

SkinCenter Pysicians SkinCenter offers the leading edge treatments in anti-aging and beauty treatments, including injectibles, fillers, laser treatment, plastic surgery and more. We combine solid medical science with a deep understanding of personal beauty. We know how to separate the facts from the hype and get you the results you want!

You deserve expert medical care for your beauty needs. Our commitment to close medical supervision means that our physicians are on the premises! Unlike many salons, we insist on the highest level of qualifications for our staff. When you come to SkinCenter, you will be seen by a physician, RN, or licensed aesthetician.

All In One Location

SkinCenter brings together the best cosmetic medical professionals in the region under one roof. Our team includes nationally recognized plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and vein specialists. You have access to Westchester’s best cosmetic surgery and all of our leading doctors within one practice – no need to make multiple appointments, travel long distances or take on the risk of ‘trying out’ a new doctor or practice.

Our team includes nationally recognized plastic surgeons

We offer a range of proven, trustworthy expert cosmetic medical services so you can look younger and meet all of your beauty needs without having to travel into Manhattan. Why spend time in traffic when you can stay in Westchester for Botox, leg-vein treatments, Plastic Surgery and laser therapy? Our Central Westchester location provides convenience and discretion.

The Experience

SkinCenter Cosmetic Nurses & StaffSkinCenter combines the best cosmetic medical services available with a luxurious setting. SkinCenter combines the spa experience with the best cosmetic medical services available.  We are staffed by friendly, knowledgeable professionals who make you feel welcome from the first moment you step into our elegant offices. Aren’t you ready to see the results you’ve been looking for? Realizing your true beauty means being nurtured and indulged: it’s time to treat yourself well.

We know how busy you are. Our exclusive focus on cosmetic and beauty services means appointments are never ‘bumped’ for medical emergencies: you are priority #1! Appointments are available in the evenings and on weekends to work around your schedule. Our commitment to responsiveness means we can often accommodate same day appointments.

For more information, or to set up a free cosmetic consultation, call our knowledgeable staff at SkinCenter at 914.949.6200 or contact us online.