FYI: 3 (Don’t) DIY Skincare Treatments

FYI: 3 (Don’t) DIY Skincare Treatments

Mar '22

You’ve no doubt heard it all. Life hackers and self-proclaimed skincare experts talking about the Best DIY Skincare Hacks. The saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” may be true for many things – but not with advanced skincare. Whats administered by licensed providers is not as easily recreated at home as you may think. Before your do-it-yourself skincare becomes a DIY fail, take a look at our list of treatments best left to the experts.


Topping our list is dermabrasion- which is literally the process of resurfacing the skin by removing its superficial layers.

Often recommended for people with acne, oily skin, or clogged pores, this form of exfoliation removes the accumulated particles and allows your bodys natural collagen-producing mechanisms to be stimulated.

When performed by professional aestheticians, the result is healthy, radiant skin. However, if done improperly, you can end up with abrasions on your face that can get infected and leave permanent scarring. Its best to leave this treatment to the skincare professionals.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels improve skin quality and pigmentation. Which chemical peel formula is right for you, depends on the specific issue youre addressing — oil control, acne, dark spots, or signs of aging. It is a great way to improve the appearance of the skin… if its done by a professional.

Each peel should be tailored to address your unique concerns and is not a one-size-fits-all solution. DIY chemical peels can lead to burns – sometimes severe – that cause significant, long-lasting damage to the skin.


If you dont mix your own chemical peel or rush to the store to buy sandpaper, maybe you think youre in the clear from the dangers of DIY skincare treatments. But have you ever popped a pimple? Thats one of the most common DIY fails in skincare — and weve all done it. When you squeeze a pimple, very little of the gunk comes out, and most get pushed deeper into the skin, which makes the problem much worse —causing infection and/or additional breakouts.

Though we understand you can’t rush to SkinCenter or your dermatologist every time you get a pimple, picking at your skin can result in permanent scarring. Your next best option is to simply leave the pimple or blackhead alone and allow your body to clear it up naturally.

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