Defeat Double Chin for Good with Kybella

Defeat Double Chin for Good with Kybella

May '23

Tired of feeling self-conscious about your chin, especially when you’re at the office? Don’t let a double chin sabotage your confidence in the workplace. SkinCenter is here to help you feel empowered without having to go under the knife to achieve your cosmetic goals. Meet Kybella, just one of the powerful anti-aging solutions we offer.

Double Chin Causes

It’s a common misconception that a double chin is linked with being overweight. Though weight gain is a potential factor in causing double chin, so are age, genetics, and gravity. Some people are just predisposed to carry extra fat in the chin area.

Kybella Double Chin Treatment in Westchester

SkinCenter is proud to offer Kybella to working professionals in Westchester who want to say goodbye to a double chin and say hello to greater confidence. If you’re not familiar with Kybella, it’s an FDA-approved injectable designed to improve chin convexity. It’s made from a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a molecule in the body that breaks down and absorbs dietary fat. Once injected underneath the chin, it destroys fat cells in this area, which in turn, reduces fullness in this area for a sleeker profile.

Appointment Times and Length of Treatment

A Kybella injection typically takes no more than 20 minutes. When you schedule a complimentary consultation at SkinCenter, an aesthetic nurse specialist or doctor will determine how many treatments you need to reach your aesthetic goals based on your skin’s unique condition and how the submental fat is distributed. Some patients require just two or three injections spread out at least one month apart, while others require more.

How Long Kybella Results Last for Double Chin

Since Kybella destroys fat cells under the chin, the results of this treatment are permanent. We do recommend adhering to a healthy lifestyle to help prevent new fat cells from forming so you can enjoy your new sculpted under-chin area for many years to come.

Take on the World with a Sculpted Jawline

Get a rockstar neck rejuvenation to match your rockstar performance reviews. Contact us to schedule a Kybella consultation to move closer to the profile that’ll boost your professional confidence.

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