Eliminate Unwanted Body Fat with this Noninvasive Liposuction Alternative

Eliminate Unwanted Body Fat with this Noninvasive Liposuction Alternative

Feb '21

We recently shared a blog post about Kybella’s efficacy in getting rid of double chins. But did you know that Kybella has a number of off-label uses for getting rid of fat in other areas of the body? Keep reading below to learn more!

As previously discussed in this blog post, Kybella’s active ingredient, synthetic deoxycholic acid, is a naturally-occurring compound that helps break down fat within the body. It works by effectively destroying fat cells in the treatment area so that fat can no longer be stored. Along with being an excellent option for decreasing the size of a double chin, Kybella can be used to treat a number of other bodily concerns, including jowl fat, banana rolls, bra rolls, and small fat bulges on the stomach, inner and outer thighs; making it an excellent non-invasive alternative to liposuction but only small amounts of fat can be treated effectively. If you need a larger amount of fat removed, liposuction may be a better choice.

Jowl Fat: In addition to treating a double chin, Kybella can be used to treat heavy jowls as well.

Banana Rolls: Eliminate those crescent-shaped fat deposits on the upper part of the thigh, located just below the buttocks.

Bra Rolls: Get rid of stubborn, unflattering fat between and around the bra area.

Small Fat Bulges on The Stomach & Thighs: Remove unwanted pouches of fat on the stomach, as well as on the inner and outer thighs.

What to Expect with Kybella Treatment

The right candidate for treatment with Kybella has a healthy relationship with their body, but is struggling to lose fat in the particular bodily areas listed above. The majority of clients require two to four treatment sessions spaced anywhere from four to six weeks apart, depending on individual concerns. Results can be seen in as little as three to four weeks, with clients experiencing full results anywhere from 60 to 90 days post-treatment.

Say goodbye to stubborn body fat with Kybella treatment at SkinCenter. Contact us to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today!

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