Reclaim Your Youthful Appearance: Explore 3 Popular Injectables in Westchester

Reclaim Your Youthful Appearance: Explore 3 Popular Injectables in Westchester

Aug '23

Searching for the perfect combination of cosmetic fillers in Westchester that will give you a youthful skin transformation? Here at SkinCenter, we recommend a trifecta of treatments: Botox, Dysport, and Restylane Defyne. Discover the benefits of each of these options before you book your complimentary consultation with one of our providers.

1. Botox   

For many people, crow’s feet are often one of the first signs of aging. While these types of fine lines can symbolize a life filled with many reasons to smile, they can also reduce your confidence about your appearance.

Botox is a go-to treatment in Westchester that has been proven to soften crow’s feet for a more refreshed appearance. This injectable has been in use for more than two decades and is held in high esteem by clients who have received this treatment and enjoyed the transformative results.

As its name suggests, Botox contains a purified version of botulinum toxin type A. It works by temporarily blocking nerve signals that trigger muscle contractions in this facial area. The result is more youthful skin around your eyes as you continue to laugh and love as you go about life.

2. Dysport

Don’t let frown lines sabotage your fabulous face. Say goodbye to these pesky wrinkles when you tap into the power of Dysport at SkinCenter.

This treatment minimizes frown lines by temporarily relaxing the underlying muscles between the eyebrows. Users often start to see results in as little as two to three days.  The results look natural and can last up to 3.5 months, so you can go a little longer between touch-up appointments.

When you add Dysport to your customized skin care plan at SkinCenter, you’ll join the ranks of successful users who are already reaping the rewards of this neuromodulator. Per the manufacturer, 95% of users say they felt confident, attractive, and happy after treatment.

3. Restylane Defyne

Restylane Defyne is one of the most popular injectables for smile lines. At SkinCenter, it’s a favorite injectable to add to our clients’ customized plans as they progress toward the skin of their dreams.

If you’re not familiar with Defyne, it’s a hyaluronic acid based injectable that treats nasolabial folds & marionette lines. Once applied to the target area, this gel-like substance restores volume to the face so you can have a firmer façade while preserving natural facial expressions. That way, you can express all the emotions you feel each day without worrying about exacerbating fine lines on your face. We’re not surprised that this treatment has a 97% satisfaction rate, as reported by Restylane.

The Younger-Looking Skin You Deserve

Now is the time to jumpstart your total skin makeover with Restylane Defyne, as well as Botox and Dysport. Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation so one of our providers can create a customized plan for your specific needs.