The Facts About Adult Acne

The Facts About Adult Acne

Dec '18

Adult acne is far more common than you might think. At SkinCenter, our skilled team of doctors and clinicians see patients in their twenties, thirties, forties, and even fifties for adult onset acne. Perimenopause and menopause can also trigger adult acne – so if you find yourself suddenly troubled by an issue you thought was long behind you, know that you’re not alone, and that there is help.

What Causes Acne in Adults?

The causes of acne in adults are much the same as the causes of acne in teens. Stress and hormone changes are two contributing causes. So too are family history, sensitivity to ingredients in products, or an underlying medical condition.  If you’re searching for skin care products that won’t trigger your acne, talk to the SkinCenter team. We carry an entire line of carefully selected products you can use to clean, nourish and protect your complexion.

Adult Acne Treatment

Acne that is caused by fluctuating hormones or other medical concerns may be best addressed via prescription medication. Treating the root cause alleviates the acne. Your SkinCenter physician will work closely with you to determine the best route to controlling your adult acne. Individualized, medically supervised skin care is often the fastest way to see a lasting improvement in your complexion.

Westchester County: Laser Treatment for Acne

Acne lasers are a safe, effective way to reduce the size of overactive oil glands. At the same time, the acne laser stimulates the body’s natural collagen producing mechanisms. This combination results in smoother, softer skin with fewer breakouts— plus, the added benefit of a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles!

Adult acne can form anywhere on the body. Pimples can appear on your face, neck, back, torso, arms and legs. Laser treatments are the gold standard for body acne. In the hands of a skilled clinician, blue light can also be an effective method of treatment by eliminating bacteria that causes acne breakouts.

Find Out More About Laser Treatments for Acne

If you’re troubled by adult acne and wonder if laser treatments are right for you, schedule your confidential, no-obligation consultation now. All consultations and treatments take place in our convenient, comfortable Westchester location!

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