How Much Does It Cost To Be Beautiful?

How Much Does It Cost To Be Beautiful?

Feb '16

The high cost of beauty treatments is making headlines. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article where they shared the amount four women spent annually to maintain their appearance; the average cost was $20,000. Over at Refinery 29, pundits are trying to figure out why one moisturizing cream costs $200 while another costs $20. Readers want to know, how much does it cost to be beautiful?

Beauty Budgets Vary By Lifestyle

The person who spends $20,000 per year on their appearance is not typical: most of us don’t have that type of disposable income available. But there are times when high-profile careers or other aspirations make it essential to invest heavily in one’s appearance. Getting an idea of what that will cost begins with understanding what you want to accomplish and what your particular beauty needs are.

Most of the people we see at our Westchester cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatment center want to look their best for both personal and professional reasons. We work closely with them to develop a plan that meets their needs and their budget. Minimally invasive options are available to treat many aesthetic concerns. For example, Botox instead of a browlift or Thermage skin tightening for sagging skin in lieu of a facelift. We specialize in minimally invasive aesthetic treatments, which are often more affordable.

Sometimes there’s a particular issue that needs to be addressed with plastic surgery. In these instances, you’re going to see costs that are higher. However, generally, those costs are not recurring: most people only have facelift once, for example.

Pro-Active Steps You Can Take To Keep Costs Down

The best way to save money on beauty treatments is to pro-actively protect your skin against the sun, and other damaging elements. Use sunscreen. Your Westchester skin care specialist will work with you to select the right skin care products. Diet and lifestyle also have an impact on what types of beauty treatments you may want and when you want them as well.

Preventing damage to your skin is always the best way to save money. If damage does occur, it’s better to address it sooner rather than later. Exfoliation using chemical peels, microdermabrasion and other skin treatments can restore a tired complexion and leave you feeling great. For more significant concerns, IPL laser treatment and additional skin rejuvenation services may be exactly what you need.

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