Defined Jawline for Men: Introducing Juvederm Volux

Defined Jawline for Men: Introducing Juvederm Volux

Jun '23

Seeking to rejuvenate your masculine appearance or reduce the jawline sag that occurs as you age? We’re excited to announce Juvederm Volux now available at Westchester’s best SkinCenter! Find out about this newest member of the Juvederm family, its advantages for men, and what you can expect with the treatment.

What Juvederm Volux Is

Juvederm Volux is the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid jawline filler. If you’re new to this injectable, that’s probably because it was recently approved in summer of 2022. It’s a great solution to help you achieve the chiseled jaw that many of your favorite male celebrities are known for.

The Increased Demand for Male Cosmetic Procedures

Juvederm Volux is Allergan Aesthetics’ response to the growing demand for male cosmetic treatments. According to a recent statistic from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of men getting injectables has increased 99% in the past two decades. Jawline enhancements are one of the top aesthetic goals that male clients have when investing in a non-surgical skincare solution.

How Does it Work?

Juvederm Volux uses VYCROSS technology to yield long-lasting results that look natural. It’s the same technology that Allergan uses in Voluma. It’s a structural filler that is applied deep into  the jaw and chin areas. Treatment results can last up to 12 months, according to the manufacturer.

Some candidates may need more than one syringe of Juvederm Volux for optimum results. Your SkinCenter aesthetic nurse specialist or physician will create a customized treatment plan when you come in for your complementary consultation.

What Is the Recovery Period Like?

One of our favorite things about Juvederm Volux is that it involves little to no downtime. Like with some of our other injectables, we do recommend that you remain upright for at least four hours following your procedure, to minimize swelling and bruising at the injection site. It’s also a good idea to avoid working out for 24 hours after your Juvederm Volux session.

Jumpstart Your Jawline Makeover Today

Ready to get started with Juvederm Volux? Contact us at SkinCenter to schedule your consultation!

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