Introducing Restylane Silk

Introducing Restylane Silk

Mar '15

An exciting new beauty treatment designed specifically for the lips is now available in Westchester!

SkinCenter, Westchester County’s premier cosmetic surgery center, is proud to announce we are now offering treatments with Restylane Silk, an innovative new filler manufactured by the same team responsible for the popular treatments Restylane and Perlane.

Our soft, sensuous lips work really hard – and it shows!

Believe it or not, your lips are among the most active part of your body. They’re always in motion. When we eat, drink, talk, laugh or cry, our lips are involved – not to mention kissing! Over time, all this use takes its toll. Our lips dry out. They lose volume and definition.

Restylane Silk gives you your sexy lips back.

Restylane Silk’s name says it all. Restylane Silk is a new type of hyaluronic acid filler comprised of smaller particles which give a smoother, silkier result ideal for replacing lost volume in the lips and lines around the mouth. In the hands of a skilled physician, Restylane Silk gives lips a precise shape and definition. You’ll look younger & putting on your lipstick will be fun instead of frustrating.

A Safe & Pain Free Way To Shape Your Smile

Restylane Silk filler is the first and only product that has been FDA-approved specifically for lip enhancement. It was designed especially to achieve the ideal smoothness and volume around the lips and mouth while maintaining a natural look. Restylane Silk contains lidocaine, which results in a far more comfortable application process for most people.

Discover if Restylane Silk is right for you.

More and more women are choosing lip augmentation procedures. The results are so natural looking and satisfying that the procedure simply sells itself: there’s been a 300% increase over the past ten years! To discover if Restylane Silk is the answer to your beauty concerns, schedule your free, confidential consultation with SkinCenter today.

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