Glow with SKINVIVE™: Westchester’s Best SkinCenter’s Path to Smooth & Hydrated Skin

Glow with SKINVIVE™: Westchester’s Best SkinCenter’s Path to Smooth & Hydrated Skin

Nov '23

Smooth and hydrated skin for the holidays might be closer than you think. SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM® has arrived at SkinCenter! We’re proud to announce the introduction of this revolutionary treatment (one of the best non-surgical facial treatments in recent years, in our opinion!). It’s just the latest demonstration of our commitment to offering our clients the best in aesthetic care. Here are answers to just some of the questions you might have about this new breed of filler before you book a treatment session.

Who It’s For

Have you been battling dryness, noticeable fine lines, or diminishing skin elasticity? SKINVIVE™ might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. It’s tailor-made for individuals over 21 who desire a radiant cheek transformation without the need for invasive procedures.

How SKINVIVE™ Differs from Other Fillers

Traditional dermal fillers primarily focus on replacing lost volume or defining facial features. But SKINVIVE™ stands out with its unique approach. Instead of merely filling, its tiny microdroplets are injected near the skin’s surface, covering larger areas and significantly enhancing skin hydration. Think of it as moisturizer in a syringe that helps the skin retain its natural moisture.

What Sets It Apart from the Rest of the JUVÉDERM® Lineup

For starters, it’s the first and only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid (HA) microdroplet injectable in the US to improve skin smoothness of the cheeks. And, while the JUVÉDERM® collection boasts a range of effective dermal fillers, SKINVIVE™ sets itself apart as the smallest molecule HA dermal filler. This distinction allows it to provide comprehensive coverage of surface imperfections, resulting in a smoother and more youthful appearance – an ideal treatment for wrinkles on your cheeks. It’s no wonder it’s becoming the go-to choice for those picture-perfect holiday moments!

How It Works

Aging inevitably leads to a loss of collagen, elastin, and hydration, which manifests as lines and wrinkles. SKINVIVE™ contains hyaluronic acid, which replenishes this lost hydration and combats the effects of aging. When introduced to the skin, it leaves it plump, hydrated, and radiant. And the inclusion of lidocaine in SKINVIVE™ ensures minimal discomfort during the procedure.

How Long Results Last

The beauty of SKINVIVE™ lies not just in its immediate results but also in its longevity.  In a clinical study, most patients report higher satisfaction and improved skin hydration and smoothness for up to 6 months. However, individual results might vary based on skin care routines, genetics, and other treatments.

Get Glowing with SKINVIVE™ in Westchester

Ready to experience the glow of SKINVIVE™ for yourself? Contact us to schedule your SKINVIVE™ treatment so you can relish refreshed skin this winter as you celebrate the magic of the season with your favorite people.