Introducing Voluma

Introducing Voluma

Apr '14

Introducing Voluma: The Long Lasting Answer to Sunken Cheeks

SkinCenter is pleased to announce that we’re one of the first Westchester County skin care providers who offer Voluma, the long lasting answer to sunken cheeks. Wrinkles are only part of the aging equation. Decreased cheek volume can result in cheekbones that look lower and a hollow, sunken look that makes people look older and more tired.

Voluma is a proven safe and effective HA-based filler that rejuvenates and restores the complexion. It’s uniquely applied directly to the cheekbone area – the best possible location for natural looking results. You’ll love having your smooth, rounded cheeks back. Looking good is the first step toward feeling great!

Engineered Specifically For Cheeks

One of the reasons that the SkinCenter physicians and clinical team are so excited about Voluma has to do with how Voluma is administered. Until this point, Westchester filler options for sunken cheeks were limited making it a difficult area to treat. Voluma was designed to be administered directly in the cheek bone area for the ultimate in Westchester skin rejuvenation and restoration of fullness. Restoring volume to the cheekbone area can result in a less hollow look and even correct nasolabial folds (smile lines). Voluma contains lidocaine to alleviate any discomfort with the procedure, and the results are truly wonderful. The cheekbones look higher, the hollow cheeks are filled, creating the smooth taut look you love.

Long-Lasting Results: 2 Years Between Treatments!

Another factor that makes Voluma uniquely appealing is how long the results last. The HA’s that are the key to Voluma’s cheek plumping power exhibit exceptional longevity. Compared to other fillers, this is truly extraordinary performance. This means that you can go a long time – it has been reported often as long as 2 years – between treatment sessions.

Ready to say goodbye to your sunken cheeks? Want youthful facial contours and the best, longest lasting results possible? Then it’s Voluma you’ve been looking for! Find out more about this exciting new Westchester filler. Book your free Westchester skin rejuvenation consultation now!

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