Rev Up Your Collagen & Rewind Time with “Limelight” IPL Treatment by XEO

Rev Up Your Collagen & Rewind Time with “Limelight” IPL Treatment by XEO

Oct '18

Do you suffer from brown spots, sunspots, or uneven skin tone? Do freckles or other benign blemishes and pigment issues leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? Discover Westchester’s latest IPL Treatment technology with SkinCenter’s new, top-of-the line XEO Laser.

How Can I Look Younger with XEO’s “Limelight” IPL Treatment?

For those of you unfamiliar with IPL, this procedure uses light technology to target and correct signs of premature aging on the face, neck, chest, arms, hands and more!

When we talk about the signs of premature aging, we’re often referring to the fine lines and wrinkles that form as the body’s natural collagen production mechanisms slow down. Additionally, stress, sun damage, and exposure to environmental pollution all take their toll.

The XEO Laser penetrates far enough into the skin to stimulate collagen production while smoothing the skin’s surface. The result? Fine lines and wrinkles disappear, and you leave Westchester’s best medical spa looking younger and more refreshed than ever!

Skin Revitalization, Acne & Rosacea Treatment

Some people are troubled by fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, or discolored patches on the skin. The XEO Laser is ideal for skin revitalization because it quickly and effectively stimulates collagen production while smoothing and evening the skin’s surface. Excessive redness, large pores, and uneven texture are a thing of the past with the XEO Laser’s Limelight treatment. We’ve been really pleased at the impact the XEO Laser has had in the lives of our patients who have stubborn acne and rosacea. As these conditions resolve, the boost in self-confidence and satisfaction with appearance is remarkable.

What’s the Best Time of Year for IPL Treatment with XEO?

Many of our clients have heard that you can’t have laser treatments and go out in direct sunlight. That’s a good best practice – and it’s also the reason why this is the best time of year to explore laser treatments if you haven’t before. Autumn’s shorter days and colder temperatures mean we’re choosing clothing that covers more of our bodies, and spend more time indoors, away from the sun.

What Can I Expect During Treatment?

First, one of our expert medical staff members will apply cold gel to your area of concern, followed by treatment with the XEO Laser. Pulses of light from the laser transform into heat energy and penetrate below your skin’s surface, revving up your collagen and rewinding time for smoother skin with exceptional, longstanding results.

Is IPL Treatment with XEO Laser Painful? What About Recovery Time?

XEO Laser’s Limelight treatment is non-invasive and rarely requires any topical anesthetics. Most areas receiving IPL—the face, neck, chest, arms, hands and more!— require no more than 20 minutes of treatment time and do not disrupt your skin’s surface. There is little to no downtime involved— meaning you can get right back to business, or pleasure, as usual!

How Do I Get Started?

Booking your XEO Laser IPL Treatment is as quick and painless as the treatment itself. Simply click here to request your IPL Treatment with XEO now!

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