Leg Veins Be Gone

Leg Veins Be Gone

Dec '14

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Varicose veins are an extremely common health and beauty concern. The Vascular Disease Foundation reports that 20 percent of adult Americans experience chronic venous insufficiency, one of the most common causes of varicose veins. That’s one in every five people – which means that even if you don’t suffer from the unsightly, uncomfortable effects of varicose veins, the chances are very good that you know someone who does.

Help for Varicose Veins: Treatment for Men and Women

By the age of 50, nearly 40 percent of women and 20 percent of men have significant leg vein problems. We’re used to thinking of varicose veins as unsightly, but the truth is that they can be incredibly painful, interfering with a person’s ability to do the things they want to do each and every day.

Dr. Gary Tannenbaum, a member of the SkinCenter team of expert physicians, explains, “A young man of 24 years old came in to see me with severe varicose veins that were painful, unsightly and really affecting his life.” He added that there’s no ‘target age’ at which one can expect to develop varicose veins. “Even young people can be plagued with this problem.”
Many people prefer to have minimally invasive treatment for their leg vein issues. Dr. Tannebaum used multiple techniques to address the young man in question’s problematic varicose veins, beginning with laser ablation. “In addition,” Dr. Tannenbaum said, “I performed microphlebectomy in which tiny incisions are made in the veins to remove the varicosities. This patient healed well and was absolutely thrilled with the results.”

How Leg Vein Treatment Can Change Your Life

Having varicose veins treated can change your life in a number of ways. Alleviating the physical pain and discomfort is obviously a top benefit. Another important positive outcome is the boost in self-confidence many people experience when unattractive varicose veins are gone.

“The young man I treated had such a smile when he said, “I can finally wear shorts again!” Dr. Tannenbaum said. “It felt really good to be able to help restore his confidence and make a bit of difference in his life.”

Every person is unique, and there’s no one size fits all treatment for varicose veins or cosmetic spider veins. The best way to determine what the ideal treatment is for you is to schedule a consultation with SkinCenter’s expert leg vein specialist, Dr. Tannenbaum. Dr. Tannenbaum will diagnose the cause of the problem and then recommend a course of leg vein treatment using the latest procedures such as endovenous laser ablation, micro-incision techniques and foam sclerotherapy. The best news is, some insurance plans cover the cost of diagnosis and of treatment. Discover what your options are and feel free once more. You don’t have to suffer from painful varicose veins any longer!

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