Men & Anti-Aging

Men & Anti-Aging

Nov '12

Looking good is not just for the ladies!

In today’s highly competitive world, appearances matter. For men, having a youthful, energetic appearance delivers an important personal and professional edge. More and more guys are getting the memo: if you want to look great, you’ve got to be willing to take care of your appearance.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery tracks the rates at which men seek out cosmetic treatments and procedures. Minimally invasive procedures that result in a more youthful appearance, such as Botox injections to eliminate facial lines and wrinkles, have become incredibly popular. There has been a 258% increase in the rate of men getting Botox over the past twelve years.

If you want a proven, safe, reliable, results-oriented approach to looking younger, the SkinCenter offers a full range of options. Our anti-aging treatments for men include Botox and fillers, laser treatments and plastic surgery in Westchester.

Botox & Fillers

If you want to get rid of facial lines, folds, and wrinkles, talk to the SkinCenter team about scheduling filler treatments & Botox or Dysport at our Westchester office. These safe, minimally-invasive treatments stimulate the body’s natural collagen production mechanisms, resulting in smoother, tauter, younger-looking skin with minimal downtime and virtually no pain. You still look like you, but refreshed and revitalized.

Laser Treatment in New York

Brown spots, uneven skin tones, blemishes, sun damage, rosacea and spider veins all make us look older. Laser treatment in New York rejuvenates and can effectively correct all types of skin issues. Laser treatment in New York is the gold standard for refreshing your youthful, energetic appearance.

Plastic Surgery

At our plastic surgery center in Westchester, our team of nationally recognized plastic surgeons have the skilled hands and expert aesthetic judgment you can depend on when you’re seeking a more youthful appearance. Brow and eyelid lifts, neck lifts, and lower face lifts can be used individually or in combination, to shave years from the appearance. Our individualized approach minimizes downtime and discomfort while delivering satisfying results you’ll love.

Ready to learn more about your anti-aging treatment options? Contact us today! We’ll be happy to schedule your consultation. You deserve to look as good as you feel!