Treat Mom to Facial Fillers This Mother’s Day

Treat Mom to Facial Fillers This Mother’s Day

May '23

Give a Busy Mom the Gift of Skin Rejuvenation

Mother’s Day is a day to commemorate just how much the mom figure in your life means to you. Or, if you are a mom, to celebrate yourself! And there’s no better present than the gift of great skin.

Moms juggle so many tasks on a daily basis that it can be challenging to squeeze in time for self-care. And the stresses of raising children and balancing a career can take a toll on a mom’s façade, creating premature wrinkles or exacerbating already-present ones.

Two of the top SkinCenter treatments that make great Mother’s Day gifts are Restylane Refyne and Defyne. Let’s delve into the benefits of each so you can determine which solution would be the best fit for your mom (or yourself!).

Refyne Facial Filler at SkinCenter

Resytlane Refyne is effective at reducing mild-to-moderate wrinkles and fine lines, especially laugh and smile lines. Comprised with XpresHAn Technology, the filler adds volume for a natural look that moves with your facial expressions. You can also use it to plump your pout for smoother, fuller lips. This treatment typically lasts from nine  to twelve months, making it optimal for a busy mom who wants to go longer between touch-up appointments.

Defyne Dermal Filler in Westchester

Need a firmer filler than Refyne to minimize deeper wrinkles? Resytlane Defyne is the better option for a mom who wants to banish nasolabial folds and marionette lines. It has cross-linking technology that gives mature skin the enhanced support and structure it needs for a more youthful appearance. For many clients, Defyne results can last up to a year before a touch-up session is required.

Self-Care Session for Your Mom (and You)

Purchase a gift card for your mom when you stop by Westchester’s best SkinCenter, so she can experience Refyne or Defyne firsthand. Or contact us to schedule a session for yourself if you’re in need of some “just you” time without the kids tagging along.