The New Facial Menu: 6 Spectacular Skin Care Choices for Spring

The New Facial Menu: 6 Spectacular Skin Care Choices for Spring

Apr '18

Great news for Westchester County: Spring is finally here! To celebrate, SkinCenter is debuting our new Facial Menu, which features 6 superior skin care experiences. Enjoy the glow of a happy, healthy complexion. Throughout the month of May, you save 20% on any facial – choose your favorite from the menu or try something new!

The New SkinCenter Facial Menu

SkinCenter facials offer the ultimate combination of deep cleaning, advanced exfoliation, moisturization and nourishment. All facials are provided by our friendly, professional team of licensed estheticians in our comfortable spa-like setting: it’s a relaxing, rejuvenating experience that makes it easy to face the world smiling.

The SkinCenter Signature Facial

Discover why our medical spa has won Best of Westchester for over a decade! The SkinCenter Signature Facial is completely customized for your skin type and beauty concerns, pampering and nourishing your complexion. Ideal for anyone interested in anti-aging treatment.

The Blue Light Acne Facial

If you have sensitive skin & you struggle with acne, the Blue Light Acne Facial is for you. Blue Light technology reduces the bacteria on your skin that causes acne, clearing and restoring your complexion. The Blue Light acne facial can be used in combination with other acne treatments – ask one of our skin care experts for more information.

The Power Facial

The Power Facial is ideal when you want instant results. Great for prepping for life’s big moments, because you want to look great when you’re in the spotlight. Non-invasive technology is used to increase circulation, reduce puffiness, facial sagging, and bags under the eyes. The Power Facial also increases product penetration, which means the nourishing, moisturizing products used during your facial will be extra effective.

The Micro Needling Facial

Micro Needling reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and uneven skin tones. It’s also effective on stretch marks, which is great news if your weight loss has left you with the distinctive silver-purple lines on your face or neck. Micro Needling is rejuvenating ,relatively painless, and very effective.

The Micro Facial

The Micro Facial combines the effectiveness of exfoliation treatments with a suite of carefully selected products to provide intense nourishment to the skin. Deep exfoliation restores a youthful complexion and leaves you looking energized and refreshed.

The Enzyme Facial

Uses the power of biochemistry to rejuvenate and restore dull, tired skin. Botanicals naturally dissolve expired skin cells, stimulate collagen production, promote elasticity and brighten the complexion. Deep exfoliation technique delivers beautiful results.

Schedule Your Facial Now & Save 20%!

Special pricing on the new SkinCenter Facial menu are available until Thursday, May 31st. Don’t miss your chance to save! Schedule your SkinCenter Facial now.

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