Chronic Acne Solutions:
Acne Prescription Medications

Are you searching for a solution for your problem acne? Adolescents and adults alike suffer from pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads that cause embarrassment and discomfort. Significant acne can even result in facial scarring. At SkinCenter, we provide our patients with the best, most effective treatments for clogged pores that cause acne.

Westchester Acne Prescriptions:
What Are My Options?

At SkinCenter, we know how important having a radiant, smooth complexion can be. To achieve the best results, it’s essential to take an extremely individualized approach to treating acne. There are many proven effective and safe topical and oral medications which your physician may prescribe.

Acne prescription medications may be suggested in combination with other skin care techniques in order to provide optimal results. The combined effect of exfoliation techniques, skin care products, prescription medications, and laser treatments in our Westchester SkinCenter can be extremely effective. Eliminating the pimples, embarrassing blackheads and whiteheads results in a more radiant, attractive complexion.

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We know how important having a radiant, smooth complexion can be.

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