Signs of Aging

Jul '14

Do You Know These 4 Secret Signs of Aging?

While everyone knows about crow’s feet and laugh lines, did you know that there are four other secret signs of aging that can make you look much older than you actually are? Joseph Sozio, M.D. and the team of expert physicians and cosmetic nurses at our Westchester Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Center share their insider’s perspective on the subtle physical changes in the face that lead to the appearance of advancing age:

What Makes You Look Older? Thinning Lips

Lush, full lips indicate youth and vitality. As we get older, our lips can lose some of their appealing plumpness. This really does change the appearance: even your smile looks different. To restore volume and rejuvenate the appearance, your physician may recommend the popular Westchester fillers Juvederm, Restylane or other rejuvenating fillers for a soft and subtle look.

Another Sign of Age: Temple Creases

The temple area, especially beside the eyes, can develop depressions and a hollow look over time. These are due to a combination of texture changes, the pull of gravity and volume loss. For a youthful look, you want a smooth, taut temple that reveals your expressive personality – but not your age! Your physician may recommend Sculptra, which stimulates your body’s natural collagen production.

You Look Older When Your Cheeks are Hollow

The skin textures and volume loss that impact the temple area can also result in changes in your cheeks. When it appears that your chin and jawline have widened, the real culprit is a thinning of the face around and near the cheekbones. It’s a change that makes you look older and heavier. To reverse the problems caused by hollow cheeks, your physician may recommend Sculptra, Voluma or Radiesse in place of cheek implants which require surgical implantation.

Marionette Lines Add Years To Your Smile

Marionette lines are folds in the skin that form from the corner of the mouth and extend downward, often to the base of the chin. Deep marionette lines lead to one being perceived as irritable, grumpy, or grim – definitely not a fun impression! To reduce or even eliminate the impact of marionette lines, your physician may recommend a combined treatment approach, using Botox or Dysport to help turn the corners of the mouth up and Westchester fillers like Juvederm and other products to address the folds.

Do You See These Signs in the Mirror?

Come to the SkinCenter. Our team of expert, supportive beauty specialists will help you discover the treatment options to restore that youthful appearance. We specialize in minimally invasive treatments that require little or no downtime. Consultations are absolutely confidential and complimentary: schedule yours with the anti-aging experts at our Westchester Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center today.

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