Skin Care Resolutions

Skin Care Resolutions

Jan '15

Want A Great Complexion in 2015? Stop Starving Your Skin & More Westchester Skin Care Tips

The number one beauty resolution you need to make if you want to enjoy a smoother, more vibrant complexion is make sure your skin is getting everything it needs. This means eating right, drinking lots of water, and giving your skin plenty of attention. Keep reading to find out more:

Westchester Skin Care Resolution Number One: Skin Focused Nutrition

If you want your skin to look great, you need to eat a healthy diet. The color, texture, and overall health of our skin is directly impacted by the food choices we make. A diet that includes low-fat dairy products, anti-oxidant rich fruits like berries and plums, and sensible amounts of fatty acids that can be found in walnuts and salmon, can play a huge role in helping your skin look its best. Additionally, make sure you’re getting adequate amounts of selenium – whole grains & tuna are great sources – and olive or some other healthy oil daily.

Westchester Skin Care Resolution Number Two: Hydrate for Great Skin

It’s not at all uncommon for many of us to walk around at least mildly dehydrated. That’s less than ideal for your complexion, which can look dry and change texture as a result. Eight glasses of water a day – that’s half a gallon – is said to be best. Water with a high mineral content can really help keep your skin look great. Green tea is another essential beverage for skin care: early research indicates drinking green tea may protect the skin from some of the sun’s harmful rays, helping protect us from skin cancer.

Westchester Skin Care Resolution Number Three: The TLC Your Skin Needs

Protect your skin from the sun. Regularly using moisturizers and other beauty products that provide SPF protection is a good idea. Be smart about exposure, both to the sun and other factors that can roughen or irritate your skin. Smog, car exhaust and other environmental irritants can dull the skin tone. Address this with regular cleanings, including exfoliating treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

Keeping these 3 resolutions will help change your skin tone for the better. You deserve beautiful skin. Make it happen by giving your skin plenty of healthy food, water, attention and a trip to SkinCenter when necessary! Even when we do our best to maintain healthy skin, we sometimes need a little help from the experts. Visit the SkinCenter team regularly for any of our full suite of anti-aging, and rejuvenating skin care treatments. It’s time to put your skin care back on the agenda! Book your session today.

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