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Jan '14

It’s Time To Vote! Choose SkinCenter as the Best of Westchester 2014

“Voting is the first act of building a community,” John Ensign wrote, and if there’s anything that we value here in Westchester County, it’s our strong, vibrant communities. Together, we’ve made this area a wonderful, exciting place to live by working hard and sharing what we know.

Now it’s your chance to share what you know about Westchester’s best cosmetic surgery and skin treatments. It’s time, once again, to vote for the Best of Westchester. We’re asking all of our clients and friends to support us as we strive to be recognized as Westchester’s best.

It’s an important honor that makes it easy for new clients to discover what Dr. Sozio and the rest of the our Westchester Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care team can do to help them be their most beautiful selves. If you’ve experienced and enjoyed SkinCenter’s services please spread the word.

People in our region really trust the authentic voice of local residents who have actually tried and used the services they’re voting for. We’ve been fortunate enough to win this award every year for the past seven years, and our customers have told us that the recognition helped them decide to take action and finally address the skin or beauty concerns that were keeping them from leading their best possible lives. By casting your vote, you’re helping all of the people who are still sitting on the fence, uncertain if there’s hope for them. You’re also doing your part to build Westchester County’s story of greatness. Thank you!

Voting is open now, and will remain open until February 7th. This is your chance to share your knowledge of superior cosmetic surgery and skin care best practices with the Westchester community. Vote Now: enter your email address under Voter Information and scroll down to the “Health and Beauty” Category. Then under “Cosmetic Surgery,” type in “SkinCenter!” Make sure to add in your other favorite Westchester businesses and submit your ballot! Make your voices heard!

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