Anti-Aging: Nature vs. Nurture

Anti-Aging: Nature vs. Nurture

Feb '17

A recent study concludes that lifestyle may mean more than your DNA when it comes to younger looking skin. In a collaborative study by Olay and 23andMe, a personal genetics company, scientists looked at a variety of factors including “exceptional skin agers”. These are the top 10% of women who look at least 10 years younger than their biological age.

Although these women were shown to share common genetic predispositions, external factors such as exercise, smoking, sunbathing and proper skin care impacts the rate of aging even more than hereditary factors. Most interesting is the finding that aside from regular use of sunscreen, a positive attitude was the single most important factor influencing a youthful appearance. In fact, those with a positive self-image were 30% more likely to be an exceptional skin ager. What’s exciting about this research is that people have more control over their appearance than they may think.

Researchers are proving what Westchester’s experts at SkinCenter already know. SkinCenter promotes healthy lifestyle choices in their patient’s quest to age gracefully. They also know that sometimes everyone needs a little extra help to refresh and stay on top of their appearance. If an aesthetic intervention such as a collagen-stimulating injectable like Dysport, laser rejuvenating treatments such as IPL, a Thermage skin tightening procedure, and other skin rejuvenation treatment improves our self-confidence and in turn our attitude, the positive cycle begins. So take control of your looks. Use common sense in caring for your skin and let the expert physicians and Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists at SkinCenter help you to keep smiling. You can have exceptional skin and a healthier, happier you!

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