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Restylane Silk

Westchester Lip Treatments: Restylane Silk

Choose Restylane Silk when you want fuller, more luscious lips. An exciting new treatment that has been FDA approved for the specific purpose of lip enhancement, Restylane Silk is a new type of hyaluronic acid filler comprised of smaller particles which give a smoother, silkier result ideal for replacing lost volume in the lips and lines around the mouth. Restylane Silk gives lips a precise shape and definition, effectively smoothing out the fine lines that form when our lips lose volume.

 A Safe & Pain Free Way To Shape Your Smile

Restylane Silk contains lidocaine, which means most patients experience little to no pain during treatment. The SkinCenter team of expert physicians and cosmetic nurses is exceptionally skilled at using Restylane Silk to create beautifully contoured smiles. Get the look you’ve always wanted or bring back the fullness you once had.  You’ll love the natural, fully expressive, soft look of your lips. Results are satisfying and long lasting. To find out if Restylane Silk is right for you, schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today.