SkinCenter’s Skincare Guide for Men

SkinCenter’s Skincare Guide for Men

May '22

Throughout history, women have enjoyed cosmetic enhancements aimed at restoring beauty and vitality to their appearance. As technology has made aesthetic treatments more widely available, women have embraced advances and welcomed the beauty benefits that come with them. The other half of the population is now catching up.


 Previously, health and wellness for men was more associated to athletic skill and strength versus skincare and self-care. Whether it’s social media and dating apps, the “zoom effect” from the pandemic, or just the evolution of the times, now more than ever, men are exploring their skincare product options and developing daily self-care routines in order to preserve their youthful appearance.

As stigmas start to fall away, more and more men are embracing aesthetic procedures, too.


Informally referred to as “Brotox”- Botox for men is a rising trend and is actually the most requested cosmetic procedure among them.

Just like in women, Botox targets facial lines, such as frown lines, crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines, and lines around the mouth, and smoothes them away. And similar to women, the procedure is generally quick, easy, and requires minimal to no downtime.

Final results usually appear two weeks after treatment and last anywhere from three to six months. Because the procedure is fast and convenient, most people find that scheduling routine appointments and appropriately spacing them out throughout the year is easy to balance with their already full calendars and hectic schedules.


Botox offers many advantages. Here are some of the main ways it can benefit you:

At SkinCenter, we pride ourselves on creating a customized treatment approach for every client we see, whether male or female.  Westchester’s best SkinCenter offers a spectrum of treatments for everyone.  Schedule a consultation for yourself (or your significant other) today!

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