Spring into Vein-Free Skin with SkinCenter’s Vascular Laser

Spring into Vein-Free Skin with SkinCenter’s Vascular Laser

Mar '20

Spring has officially sprung. With warmer weather on the horizon, our wardrobes are sure to be blooming with flirty florals, mid-length dresses, short sleeve tees and overall more skin-baring fashions.

For most, the arrival of springtime means more hours of daylight, more time spent outdoors, and a generally sunnier disposition. But for those suffering from unsightly vascular lesions, springtime and the skin-baring styles that come with it serve as an unwelcome reminder of the unsightly spider veins and broken capillaries plaguing the appearance of their skin.

If you suffer from non-bulging vascular lesions on the face and body, SkinCenter is here to tell you: Consider your skin concerns officially solved.

Meet Vascular Laser Treatment at SkinCenter

SkinCenter’s Vascular Laser treatment option is a safe and non-invasive procedure that effectively erases or reduces the appearance of non-bulging vascular lesions in no time. Treatment requires zero downtime. With many patients opting to receive treatment during their lunch hour, you’re able to return to your usual daily activities immediately after treatment— spider vein-free!

Not only does SkinCenter’s Vascular Laser treatment seemingly erase unsightly spider veins, it’s an excellent option for those looking to treat unwanted blue, red, and purple lesions while sparing the surrounding skin. This means that treatment is perfectly safe for removing broken capillaries or broken blood vessels on the face.

It’s Time to Feel Confident and Beautiful in Your Skin

Embrace springtime fashions and warmer weather, vein free! Contact Westchester’s Best SkinCenter today to schedule your free, confidential, no-obligation consultation!

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