The Beauty Formula

Apr '13

Understanding True Beauty: The Beauty Quotient Formula

beauty-formulaEvery woman is beautiful, but not every woman knows it. Now Dr. Tornambe, one of the most highly respected plastic surgeons in Westchester NY and a member of our cosmetic surgery team in Westchester, has written a book illustrating how every woman can become more comfortable and confident in her own lovely appearance.

Dr. Tornambe shares how the quest for female beauty is as old as time itself, while pointing out that over the years, the standards by which that beauty is judged have changed tremendously. In his book, The Beauty Quotient Formula, you’ll find some of history’s most famous beauties – Katherine Hepburn, Tina Turner, even Twiggy – analyzed by the objective, professional eye of one of the most talented plastic surgeons in Westchester NY.

It turns out that some of the features women are desperate to ‘fix’ through surgery are actually the essential ingredients of a unique beauty. Dr. Tornambe brings an insider’s perspective to the world of aesthetic treatment, emphasizing the fact that cosmetic surgery has its place – but it’s hardly the only route to a happier, healthier, more beautiful you!

The Beauty Quotient Formula contains Dr. Tornambe’s 10 Beauty Commandments, beginning with “Be Your Own Beauty.” It’s a rousing and inspiring call for women everywhere to recognize their own inner and outer beauty. A great read for women of all ages, The Beauty Quotient Formula encourages working with one’s genetics, embracing and enhancing a natural beauty.

If you’d like to read The Beauty Quotient Formula for yourself, we encourage you to visit Dr. Tornambe’s website. You can find excerpts from the book, as well as an interactive quiz that will absolutely blow your mind. It’s a great read that will help you identify your own personal beauty strengths, pinpoint the best ways to enhance your natural radiance, and live a happier life. Schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Tornambe at our cosmetic surgery center in Westchester to discuss your beauty needs.