The Goldilocks Complex

The Goldilocks Complex

Jul '14

Dr. Kornstein Discusses The Goldilocks Complex in Westchester Magazine

Sharp-eyed readers of Westchester Magazine recently spotted the SkinCenter’s own Dr. Andrew Kornstein discussing the Goldilocks Complex in an article titled “Say No To Aging: 10 Ways To Turn Back the Clock.”

The Goldilocks Complex, in case you’re not familiar with the term, is a tongue-in-cheek way to refer to the very real discomfort some people feel with the size of their nose. Sometimes they feel their nose is too large. Sometimes they feel their nose is too small. It takes the hands of a skilled Westchester plastic surgeon to perform a procedure known as rhinoplasty to result in a nose that’s just the right size.

Great Results, Minimal Downtime: The SkinCenter Difference

Rhinoplasty delivers satisfying results, but the procedure does take some time to recover from. At the Our Westchester Cosmetic Surgery Center, complete, rapid healing is always our goal. In the article, Dr. Kornstein discusses the use of a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) device to accelerate the recovery process. We constantly evaluate and assess developing technologies, such as the PEMF device, to ensure our clients enjoy a truly satisfying experience.

Expert Guidance from Experienced Physicians

When asked for an “Insider’s Tip to Rhinoplasty” Dr. Kornstein recommended really doing your due diligence when considering any Westchester cosmetic surgery treatments. A number of factors determine the outcome of rhinoplasty. “Make sure you look at photos of patients with similar anatomical variations as yours.”

Another great tip is to find a Westchester plastic surgeon who understands that you may have a significant number of questions about your procedure. At the SkinCenter, we’re committed to answering all of your questions so you can make the right decision about your beauty treatments.

During your free, confidential consultation, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss your concerns and have your questions answered. If you’re interested in rhinoplasty or any of our other skin care and beauty treatment services, schedule your consultation at our Westchester Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center today!

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