The Truth About Fat-busting

The Truth About Fat-busting

Sep '15

With a plethora of procedures available and the aesthetic industry evolving each and every day, making decisions about the best options may feel like a being in a maze. Popular new technologies for ridding the body of unwanted fat may sound appealing, but there’s something to be said for the tried and true.

Is Burning Fat Away the Smart Way?

There are so many procedures being touted in the media as alternatives to surgical liposuction. Technologies such as laser lipo are gaining popularity through ad campaigns and media coverage, but are often getting mixed reviews from the consumers that have actually had the procedure. Traditional liposuction by a board certified Westchester plastic surgeon means the surgeon can cover wider areas of the body like abdomen and love handles, as they have little limitations on the amount of fat that can be aspirated. Twilight anesthesia means greater patient comfort and therefore the ability to deliver successful results. An accredited Operating Room is the highest standard in patient safety, a certification available only to board certified surgeons.

Is Freezing Fat Actually Cool?

As with other technologies, the results of freezing fat can be unpredictable. Multiple sessions are sometimes required. Results are not immediate and it can be months to take effect. This delay of gratification is difficult for some patients to handle. There is variation in results, perhaps because it is difficult for the person administering the service to know how much of the fat has actually emulsified; it can’t be visually seen or weighed as with surgical removal. The price tag may be too high for the lack of guarantee. And if cellulite is your cosmetic concern, sorry! Exercise is still your best bet. Neither traditional liposuction nor these minimally invasive fat busting options are designed to eliminate stubborn cellulite.

The Bottom Line

Educate yourself before committing to these or any cosmetic procedures. Set realistic expectations. Weigh the costs and benefits of having a minimally invasive treatment versus a more traditional procedure performed by a Westchester plastic surgeon under anesthesia in the operating room setting. And remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is…

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