Treat the Teach & Yourself with Back to School Skin Care at SkinCenter

Treat the Teach & Yourself with Back to School Skin Care at SkinCenter

Sep '18

Back to School season is many kids’ favorite time of the year. This is when they get new clothes, new sneakers, and of course, brand new school supplies. We’re pretty sure that teachers and parents deserve a little Back to School season love as well!

It’s a great way to get superior skin care at that time of year when we all need a little R&R.

Fantastic Facials: Nourish Your Complexion

We tell the kids to have a healthy breakfast, so they can be at their best all day. Our skin needs nutrition too – especially when our schedules start getting hectic. SkinCenter’s signature facials combine deep cleansing followed by the application of nourishing products individually selected to nourish and restore your complexion. It’s a relaxing, rejuvenating experience that will leave you looking and feeling your best!

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Microdermabrasion: Discover the Artistry of Exfoliation

Summer fun is drawing to an end – and that tends to be when we notice the fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage that have developed while we were having a good time. Microdermabrasion, the gold standard of exfoliation, combines effective, yet gentle abrasive crystals with targeted suction to eliminate and remove tired, damaged skin cells. The result: a flawless complexion that will last you through September and beyond!

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Chemical Peels: Deep Cleansing, Dramatic Results

When you want a polished, glowing complexion, a chemical peel is the way to go. At Skin Center, we offer Glycolic (AHA), Salicylic (BHA), Jessner’s, and TCA peels. Our team of experienced aestheticians and clinicians will help you pick the chemical peel that is best for your skin. Chemical peels vigorously cleanse the complexion by eliminating tired, expired skin cells, and activating the pure, untouched cells beneath— making it an excellent treatment for getting rid of stubborn lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

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Dermaplaning: Be Ready for Your Close Up

It seems like school picture day comes earlier every year! Be camera ready every day with Dermaplaning, the beauty treatment that blurs imperfections and eliminates the fine vellus hairs that can grow on the cheeks and chin. Dermaplaning is a great skin care option for those who have delicate, fragile skin that can’t tolerate more vigorous exfoliation. This beauty treatment is a known favorite of actresses & celebrities alike!

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Reminder: Give the Gift of Confidence with a SkinCenter Gift Card— Available All Year Long!

After Back to School season comes Teacher Appreciation Day. Any time you want to let an educator, bus driver, coach, or any other school professional know that you’re grateful for them, SkinCenter Gift Cards are the perfect gift! Show someone who makes your child’s life a little better that you are grateful for their hard work and efforts by gifting them with a time out to focus on self-care at SkinCenter. Now available online!

Give the Gift of Confidence!

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