Turn Back the Clock!

Turn Back the Clock!

Nov '13

One of the most commonly asked questions from clients at our Westchester cosmetic surgery and treatment center is, “How can I achieve a younger appearance?” While we take a personalized approach for each client to restore their youth in the best way for them, we do have some general advice regarding makeup techniques, skincare tips, fillers and other treatments that will help you turn back the clock!

We all know that adding a little mascara to your daily makeup routine can instantly make your eyes pop and give you a bright-eyed appearance, but it’s the removal of your eye makeup that can be making you look the opposite. Eye makeup, especially the waterproof varieties, can leave a dark circle underneath your eye and you may be tempted to press firmly to wipe that off. Wiping makeup from the inner corner of your eye outwards can accentuate “crow’s feet” and fine lines underneath the eye which can cause the appearance of a dark circle. Always use an eye makeup remover or dab a little moisturizer, then use a tissue or gentle cotton pad to wipe from the outer corner of the eye inwards.

You can also use a hyaluronic acid filler to fill in the area called the tear troughs underneath your eyes to combat these issues. Sometimes the eyes can appear sunken in due to lack of volume and fine lines, which cause them to have a shadowy look. By replacing that lost volume with hyaluronic filler at our Westchester skin center, you can brighten your eyes and create a more refreshed look!

Most commonly, women use a foundation on their entire face and finish it off with a powder. This is the right thing to do, but applying the same makeup to all areas of your face can sometimes give a washed out appearance, which can make you look aged or tired. To fix this, you can incorporate both a highlighter and a bronzer into your makeup routine. By using a lighter color on certain areas, like the bridge of your nose and temple or the area surrounding your nose, it will reflect light and make you look brighter and younger. Some people will use a dark powder or bronzer all over, but adding a little bronzer only in certain areas to accent where you don’t want focus on will give you contour and definition.

If you want to get this highlighted look along your cheeks without having to precisely apply makeup each day, try a Westchester filler like Radiesse, which can instantly give you a more defined cheekbone and that desired contoured look.

Another important tip to maintain a youthful look is to make sure you hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water and using a good moisturizer. Applying a moisturizer before your makeup allows for a smoother application and a more even complexion. Nothing can make your skin look more aged than when it’s dry and you can visibly see fine lines and cracks in your makeup. By moisturizing and touching up makeup during throughout the day, you can ensure you won’t get that dry, aged look.

Along with using the right products, a great way to keep your skin exfoliated and to minimize the appearance of dryness and fine lines is to have regular microdermabrasion treatments or chemical peels. These treatments help to reveal the brighter, smoother, more youthful skin that’s hiding underneath those layers of dry, dull skin that have built up over time.
The last tip to make yourself look younger with makeup is to make sure you keep up with the trends! There are always certain fads when it comes to makeup application. The eighties are associated with bright eyeshadow and contrasting lip color, the nineties brought along dark lip-liner with a nude color over it. These trends will fade away, so make sure you let them fade out of your makeup routine when they do, or you can date yourself!

All of our Westchester cosmetic surgery and skin treatment services here at SkinCenter will keep you looking your best. Whether it’s Westchester laser treatments to help minimize age spots and sun damage, or injectables to erase natural signs of aging, like wrinkles and folds, we have it all to help you look like your youngest and most beautiful you!

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