Cosmetic Fillers: Separating Fact from Fiction

Cosmetic Fillers: Separating Fact from Fiction

Jan '23

Cosmetic fillers are a popular anti-aging treatment option for those that want an alternative to  neuromodulators such as Dysport, Botox and Xeomin. At SkinCenter, we use fillers to treat wrinkles and folds like “parenthesis lines” or “marionette lines”, volume loss in the cheeks and lip rejuvenation, to name a few. If you’re considering a treatment with an injectable filler, but still have some questions, you’re in the right place. Here are some common misconceptions about fillers.

Misconception #1: Injectable Fillers Are Painful

Actually, they don’t have to be! Some of these products, like Belotero Balance, Restylane Lyft, or Juvederm can be combined with a numbing agent like lidocaine. This minimizes discomfort. Cooling the tissue at the injection site before and after the treatment can alleviate discomfort and also reduce any swelling.

Misconception #2: You Will Look Expressionless

Many people fear looking “frozen” after treatment. That’s not the case if an experienced physician or a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist treats you! During a filler treatment at SkinCenter, fillers like Restylane are injected into the skin to smooth out facial creases, restore lost volume, and give a ‘lift’ to the area. They do not suppress muscle action, so SkinCenter patients report the ability to animate normally and look natural afterwards — just minus the smile lines and facial folds!

Misconception #3: Results Are Not Seen Immediately

Most fillers yield rapid results, so you won’t have to wait long to start enjoying more youthful skin. Results can be seen quickly with the use of most fillers, including Hyaluronic acid fillers, especially Belotero Balance and Restylane, as well as Calcium-based fillers like Radiesse. That means you can leave the office looking and feeling rejuvenated right away!

Misconception #4: You Can Achieve the Same Results with Creams

While there are some very good quality skin care products out on the market that can improve the look of your skin, those topical applications will not yield the noticeable and immediate results that a filler like Restylane or Belotero Balance can achieve. The use of SPF will help in the long run, but for damage already done and for skin laxity that comes with gravity and time, fillers are the treatment of choice.

Misconception #5: Anyone Can Perform a Filler Procedure

It may be tempting to go to your local Westchester spa or a salon you found on Groupon  for one of these treatments. But a cosmetic filler treatment is a medical procedure that’s best performed by medical experts in a medical setting. A trained and experienced Medical Doctor or Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist with expertise in cosmetic procedures should administer filler for best results. They will know which product is optimal for your particular aesthetic concern and have the extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and physiology to achieve the correct results. SkinCenter would recommend a product like Belotero Balance for very fine lines such as the vertical lines around the mouth or may suggest Restylane Lyft or Voluma if cheek enhancement is your goal.

Misconception #6: Fillers and Neurotoxins Are the Same Thing

While it’s true that cosmetic fillers and neurotoxins are both injectables, they’re two very different treatments made of different substances. They also have different purposes. For instance, if you’re wanting to add volume to the skin under your eyes and around your nose and mouth, a filler like Restylane or Belotero Balance can be more effective than a neurotoxin at achieving this goal.

Misconception #7: Fillers Can Be Placed Anywhere

Another common myth about fillers is that they are interchangeable. The reality is that each filler has a specific area or areas that they were designed to target. Certain fillers like Belotero Balance are intended for use on the delicate skin under the eyes, while others like Resylane or Belotero Balance were designed to minimize vertical lines around the mouth.

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