The Selfie Effect

The Selfie Effect

Mar '16

To say the “selfie trend” has impacted the way people see themselves is an understatement. Having our smartphones with us all the time means photo-ops are endless. Never before has the “camera” been an ever-constant presence. This coupled with photo sharing via Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and other social media puts our visual images in front of so many on a daily basis. The result? People are more conscious about their looks than ever before.

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery recently reported on the influence of selfies. One in three members documented an increase in procedures due to the way patients view themselves on social media. This trend is true across demographics. reports that according to an online survey, 33% of visitors indicate social media influenced their decision to consider a cosmetic intervention.

Interestingly, Americans are also more likely to share their aesthetic journeys publically than ever before. Openness about Botox, fillers, lasers and yes, even cosmetic surgery is on the rise. Just check out stories on #Dysport or #Rhinoplastydiary. Sites such as make sharing before and after pictures or stories about cosmetic enhancements easy. Zwivel offers online cosmetic consultations!

If you are shaking your head and wondering what the world has come to, consider that the sharing of online information makes the consumer more educated than ever before as well. Reports show that 57% of prospective cosmetic patients research online information about procedures. Viewing online videos about popular procedures gives us an idea of what to expect during and after a procedure. As long as the information is from a reliable source, it’s not a bad idea to use these resources. Remember, the best way to ensure quality cosmetic improvements is to consult an experienced physician who specializes in aesthetics and aesthetics only.

If your selfie stick made you do it, you’re not alone!

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