Do You Have Your Mother’s Hands?

Do You Have Your Mother’s Hands?

Nov '15

Our hands connect us to the world. They’re the primary way we engage with the environment around us, from picking up a pretty leaf during our morning walk to drying the tears from a crying child’s cheeks. We use our hands when we’re cooking dinner, and we use our hands when we’re closing deals. We use our hands when we’re talking with our best friends and we use our hands when we embrace our loved ones.

What Life Does To Our Hands

Practically every moment of every day of our life involves us using our hands – and it shows. Our hands bear the brunt of our daily activity. Think about all the substances your hands are exposed to in the course of a typical day. The list starts with sunlight and goes right on through the cleansers we use in our home, health care supplies, and more.

This combo can result in sun damage, age spots, and other discoloration of the skin. Time takes a toll, too, gradually reducing the amounts of collagen that keep the back of our hands looking supple and smooth. Veins and tendons become more pronounced as result – a look that many associate with aging.

You CAN Have Happy, Healthy, Younger Looking Hands

You’ll be glad to know that there are a number of safe, minimally invasive treatments that can be used to reverse the impact of environmental exposure and volume loss.
If you’re concerned about sun damage, age spots, and skin discoloration, talk to your physician about laser and light therapies. These treatment options work quickly, require little to no recovery time, and can be scheduled to accommodate even the busiest schedule.

If you’re concerned about lost volume on the back of your hands, and the pronounced appearance of veins and tendons, you’ll want to consider Radiesse Hands. This injectable filler was recently FDA-approved and was specifically developed to restore lost volume in the hands. Results can be seen almost immediately and have proven to be very long lasting – in some instances, up to a year or more.

If you’re concerned about sweaty palms, a condition that can become more pronounced with age, talk to your physician about Botox. This popular treatment can successfully eliminate this embarrassing worry from your daily routine for a year or longer.

Learn More About Westchester Hand Rejuvenation

People look at and judge us based on our appearance including the appearance of our hands. That’s why we put so much money and energy into maintaining great manicures and wearing lovely rings. Hand rejuvenation is the natural progression in smart self-care. Using today’s latest beauty treatments to keep your hands looking happy and healthy can give you a real edge in life, both personally and professionally. Book an appointment with the SkinCenter team to start discussing your personalized hand rejuvenation plan!

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